Ruwa Adventure is a travel company that specializes in providing exciting and memorable safari experiences in Africa. Here is a brief overview of the travel information related to your company:

Passport and Visa Information

All travelers visiting Tanzania must ensure they possess a valid passport with an entry or re-entry visa, duly endorsed, along with a return or onward ticket. While some member countries of the Commonwealth and specified nations are exempt from obtaining visas, others can conveniently apply for visas online or through Tanzania’s Diplomatic Missions and Consulates worldwide. Additionally, visas can be acquired at major entry points like international airports, sea ports, and border posts.

Health Guidelines

For travelers originating from or transiting through yellow fever-endemic countries, presenting valid yellow fever vaccination certificates upon entry is mandatory. Visitors are strongly advised to take anti-malaria precautions by using appropriate tablets, mosquito nets, and insect repellents provided. Comprehensive travel insurance is recommended, covering various aspects, including medical expenses.

Customs Ease

Personal items such as binoculars, cameras, and film can be temporarily imported without duty charges. For visitors carrying professional video/filming gear, radios, tape recorders, or musical instruments, a custom bond may be required to ensure proper re-export. Special permits are necessary for firearms, and travelers purchasing local handicrafts must retain cash sales receipts and ownership certificates for wildlife artifacts, which should be presented to Customs officials during departure.

Currency Matters

The official currency is the Tanzania Shilling, subdivided into 100 cents. While visitors can bring any amount of foreign currency, importing or exporting Tanzania currency is prohibited. Commercial banks, authorized dealers, and exchange bureaus at international airports, major towns, and border points facilitate the exchange of foreign currency, including cash and travelers’ cheques.

Smooth Departures

Departing visitors by air are subject to a USD 30 airport tax, usually included in the airline ticket. Baggage checks and Customs inspections apply. Domestic flight departures involve a USD 6 airport tax. Taxes are subject to change, while road travelers are exempt from departure taxes.

Luggage Tips

Opt for light, soft-sided bags when traveling via safari vehicles or small aircraft, as space is limited. This choice ensures hassle-free boarding, unlike bulky suitcases that might pose challenges.

Tropical Climate Comfort

Tanzania’s inviting tropical climate, situated just south of the Equator, offers year-round warmth, with humidity along the coast, refreshing highlands, and soothing Indian Ocean breezes on the islands. Varied climates range from temperate in the northern and southern highlands to warm periods between October and February. Seasonal rains from November to January and March to May sustain abundant wildlife and uphold Tanzania’s global reputation.

Appropriate Attire

Dress comfortably in light tropical attire, favoring cotton slacks, shirts, and skirts. Warm clothing is essential in higher altitude areas during evenings and mornings. Adequate walking shoes, insect repellents, and sunscreens are advisable. Modest dressing is recommended in Zanzibar, with swimwear and revealing clothing reserved for hotels, beaches, and resorts.

Ideal Souvenirs

Tanzania offers an array of souvenir choices, including the precious Tanzanite gemstone, alongside locally mined stones like Ruby, Rhodolite, and Tourmaline. Indigenous crafts such as Makonde carvings, Tinga Tinga art, batiks, and Zanzibar chests are available at reasonable prices, allowing you to bring home treasured memories.

Language and Communication

While Kiswahili is the national language, English is widely spoken, particularly in the tourism and international sectors. Multi-lingual operations staff and driver-guides are present at Ruwa Adventure.

Seamless Air Travel

Numerous international airlines operate via Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar International Airports. Domestic travel is facilitated by airlines such as Precision Air, Regional Air, Air Excel, Coastal Aviation, Auric Air, As Salaam Air, and the national carrier, Air Tanzania.

Travel Insurance for Air Medical Evacuation

Consider obtaining temporary AMREF Flying Doctors membership for air medical evacuation coverage to Nairobi and other areas. Participation fees are based on coverage zones and valid for up to 30 days.

Practical Information

Tanzania follows a single time zone: GMT + 3. Daylight Savings Time is not observed.

Voltage and Power

Electricity operates at 215-230 Volts and 50 Cycles AC.

Enhanced Safari Experience

Ruwa Adventure offers meticulously designed safari vehicles, accommodating 5-7 guests comfortably. The vehicles boast elevated windows for optimal viewing, providing exceptional photographic opportunities. Features like inverters for charging camera batteries, canvas seat covers, cushions, and refrigerators ensure a comfortable journey. Ample storage accommodates cameras, day packs, and luggage. Radio communication is established between vehicles and base camps, and each Land Cruiser carries a comprehensive first aid kit.

Embrace Tanzania’s natural beauty and vibrant culture, knowing you’re equipped with essential knowledge for an unforgettable experience.