Simon Kiwale, the Head Guide of Ruwa Adventures, was born in the Kilimanjaro region His early bush experience with his grander-father who was a game ranger inspired him then from there he starts to develop vast interests in being in the wild like him by starting in rolled to Military service which he had actually changed to undertake Tour Guiding and Wildlife management studies

Simon has over 14 years of experience as a safari guide. He gained valuable insight on guiding safaris with big commercial safari companies and decided to start his own small boutique safari company to provide a more personal experience. His knowledge and experience attracted the likes which continue to make him guide adventure safaris in Tanzania.

As a member of the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania, Simon always desires to enrich his knowledge of Animal and human behaviors. He looks forward to leading his guests in discovering the amazing ecology, wildlife, and cultural heritage of Tanzania and Africa in general.

Simon continues to improve his trade by attending a variety of training courses in Eastern Africa. As your guide, Simon will ensure that your visit to Africa is an unforgettable experience!  Apart from guiding, Simon speaks English and Swahili

“I believe a professional guide should be genuinely passionate about his work which should be more of a way of life than a job to him/her. He /she should be bursting with enthusiasm to impart his knowledge of the bush and wildlife he/she loves so much to his guests and should be attentive to each guest’s needs and interests.

He/She should have a broad knowledge of wild creatures and their environment and a holistic appreciation and respect for the people that co-habit these wild areas. A guide should give unfailingly spectacular experiences to his guests and his main priority should be his/her guest’s genuine safety, care, and comfort.

I highly recommend that before your safari you read a few of the books about Africa. If I had to pick one it would be, Africa –A Biography of a Continent, by John Reader