Rayah few among female guides in Tanzania born and raised in Arusha town in Tanzania, she was inspiring to love nature and wildlife by her Father story telling who also is a Guide.

Nevertheless, due to her, passionate with nature and animals since her young age, Rayah persuade her dream to study, at Collage of African Wildlife Management (MWEKA) awarded Diploma and acquire knowledge about wildlife and guiding skills, Also she is skilled on Mineral and rocks. Rayah has also been get several trainings from Asilia camps and lodges. And being in the field as resident guide for over 3 years

Rayah as part of Ruwa Adventure guide, we are determined to eliminate the gender disparity as soon as possible because we believe women should have the same rights as men in all economic sectors including the wilderness guiding  industry which has been an all men vocation for too long.  Women empowerment is one of the millennial agenda, and we plan to seize every opportunity available to achieve the objective of having 50% of women tour guides.