Discover the enchanting realm of Oldonyo Lengai and Lake Natron with Ruwa Adventure. Oldonyo Lengai, a magnificent stratovolcano, holds spiritual significance for the Maasai people. Known as the “Mountain of God,” it’s the only active volcano spewing rare natrocarbonatite lava. Embark on a thrilling expedition to witness this geological wonder.

Adjacent to Lengai lies the surreal Lake Natron, an alkaline soda lake famed for its blood-red hue. A vital breeding ground for flamingos, its vibrant ecosystem thrives in extreme conditions. Guided by Ruwa Adventure’s experts, immerse yourself in the captivating birdlife, unique mineral formations, and ethereal landscapes surrounding the lake.

Ruwa Adventure offers a tailored journey, ensuring safety and knowledge sharing. Traverse the rugged terrains, delve into the Maasai culture, and capture the awe-inspiring vistas. Our experienced guides provide insights into the geology, ecology, and local traditions, enriching your adventure.

Engage in thrilling hikes to Lengai’s summit, witnessing the sunrise paint the surroundings in a surreal palette. Experience the tranquility of Lake Natron’s shores and encounter the indigenous wildlife. Whether a nature enthusiast, photographer, or cultural explorer, this expedition with Ruwa Adventure promises an unforgettable encounter with the raw beauty of Oldonyo Lengai and Lake Natron.